high carbon / high chromium

Ideal for shearing cold rolled mild steel up to 6mm and manufactured from high carbon, high chromium tool steel to guarantee wear resistance and toughness.

high carbon / high chromium

Used for shearing light gauge cold reduced steel, aluminium, galvanised and zintec. Hardened and tempered to 60/61 Rockwell-C, it is perfect for slitting up to and including 2mm.

shock resistant

Extremely tough and shock resistant and suitable for shearing stainless, high carbon up to 10mm. Manufactured from a nickel chrome alloy to resist chipping or spalling
Ultracut / Ultracut 'C'

high grade alloy

This knife offers exceptional levels of performance due to its unique qualities of structure and analysis. Made to cope with demanding applications such as 6mm stainless steel.

tungsten alloy

Made from a homogenous steel providing the appropriate balance between wear resistance and toughness.It can be used with silicon steels and other grain orientated steels.

high speed alloy

A very high wear resistance and tough knife. It is alloyed with molybdenum, vanadium and tungsten.Appropriate for shearing austenitic stainless steel.

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